Unlike most other industries, there are many new and unique issues encountered with each house raising, moving, leveling or shoring project. For example, Darouse takes the utmost care in considering varying types of soil composition in using the proper materials and techniques to form a solid base from which to lift your home. We understand that to achieve a proper unified lift, weight distribution must be considered in determining proper jack placement for all areas under each and every home or business. “Keeping it light” or “cradling the house” are terms we use to describe lowering the lifting pressure on a structure by increasing the number of jacking points. During an elevation, this technique decreases the amount of stress to the structure and keeps it in a level, properly balanced position as it goes up. The Darouse teams many years of experience has allowed us to effectively practice these methods.

Darouse House Moving was founded and domiciled in Hammond Louisiana in 1946 by Richard Darouse Sr. The company became Darouse Inc. in 1995 under the direction of Richard Darouse Jr. and most recently (2010) as Darouse Foundations LLC under the ownership of Jeff Darouse.

The company moved to Virginia in the early 50’s and was there for 3 years under the management of Richard Darouse and his brothers before moving back to Hammond, Louisiana.

Following Hurricane Camille in 1969, the company helped homeowners in Mississippi recover from the storm with financial assistance from the Federal government. With this assistance, Darouse provided homeowners with services that included lifting and moving homes after they had shifted. Homes moved off their original foundations were corrected. Other services such as elevating and moving homes to other locations were also performed on a regular basis.

Darouse was contracted and moved all portable school buildings in Livingston Parish from 1976 to 1986, in Washington parish from 1980 into the early 90’s. In St. Tammany Parish, Darouse moved classrooms from school to school for more than 30 years beginning in 1977. In 1992, Darouse moved all the buildings on the property of Coastal Petroleum in Hammond, Louisiana to facilitate its operations.

In 2008, Darouse began assisting homeowners in the Road Home Program as well as the Hazard Mitigation Grant program in 2010. Services include disconnecting and reconnecting plumbing, gas, electrical and A/C, raising homes to meet the new BFE standard, building new foundations to meet parish or city codes and new steps, decks, porches and elevators. We are proud to have met the stringent qualifications to be recognized as a “Qualified Contractor” by the State of Louisiana. Only a handful of the 400+ elevation companies registered in Louisiana were able to share this designation.